Watney Market and some Frequently Asked Questions

It was fantastic to be out at Watney Market last week talking to parents and families about Livingstone Academy East London. It is great to be in conversation with so many parents who are excited about sending their children to the school when we open in September 2017.

Many of you were talking with us about your aspirations for your children and wanted to know the answers to a few key questions. For all the other families and parents interested out there I thought I would share my responses:

Do you have high standards? 

Yes. We set the very highest expectations because we know that this leads to outstanding academic growth and achievement. We expect all pupils to be the best they can be and to be proud of themselves, their families and their school. We want all our young people to have dreams for their future, whilst working hard in the present to achieve their dreams and to fulfil their potential. This involves expecting the highest standards of presentation, quality of work and, of course, of the way they dress and behave toward others. Paramount to our vision is the importance of self-worth. We want every person in our Academy to feel good about who they are and who they want to be.  We embed the 8 conditions that make a difference in every aspect of all of our schools (see the website for the 8 conditions).

What qualifications will my child achieve at Livingstone Academy East London? 

All children will study a full set of GCSE qualifications including: Maths, English, English Literature, Science, Geography or History, Spanish, Art and Design and Computer Science. Students will also have the opportunity to study a home language and obtain professional qualifications too. At post-16 students will follow three A levels and the Aspirations Employability Portfolio, working alongside real employers on real projects to develop the skills and attributes that will ensure they are ready for university, training or employment when they leave the school (see website for details).

What is an ‘all-through’ school? 

We passionately believe that schools should start working with young people at the youngest possible age, get to know them really well and continue to nurture them until they begin the next stage of their education, training or enter employment. If you start with us at in Reception you will have a place automatically until you are eighteen years old. This means we can work with you to make sure you are supported, nurtured and challenged to achieve the very best outcomes you can all the way through. This also takes away the worry for parents of finding an outstanding secondary school for their children at the age of 11.

How will Livingstone Academy prepare my child for the future? 

We are committed to ensuring your child is ready for the world as it will look in 2030 or even in 2040! The curriculum will not only allow students to master the key concepts in subject areas such as English, Maths, Science (including computer science), and Art and Design but also provide opportunities to work on real projects that develop their ability to solve problems, work in teams, communicate their ideas clearly and think creatively. The curriculum is designed to be taught to develop the skills required by many jobs in the 21st century – problem-solving, teamwork, creativity and communication, as well as key attributes such as being taking the initiative, being resilient and reflecting on work to always improve.

Digital technology will be used across our curriculum and we will work to ensure our students are able to not only usetechnology but have the skills to create it too. We want our young people to leave Livingstone Academy East London ready to create the technologies, products and solutions that change the world.

What is the uniform going to be like? 

Smart! We expect our pupils to feel good about themselves and to have the confidence to handle any situation. We have strong evidence from our existing schools that when a young person is dressed to meet the highest standards and expectations, in a smart fashion, then their self-worth and confidence also grow. We are working on the initial designs at the moment. We are keen to hear your views on how the uniform should look and many of parents have made excellent suggestions already.


Tom Stephens (Vice Principal)

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