Aspirations Teaching School Academy

School improvement support and training

Sustainable school improvement is a highly complex and difficult task. Short term improvements in attainment can be achieved rapidly, whereas longer term success is harder to achieve. The Aspirations Academies Trust believes that sustainable school improvement needs to involve cultural, structural and systematic processes. The educational provision of a school needs to be built on strong foundations in order to provide an effective platform for teaching and learning.

For sustainable, highly effective school improvement the starting point needs to be a thorough and deep analysis of the whole school in order to identify, in particular, the issues that are possibly restricting development, before then prescribing the way forward. Following this in-depth analysis the Aspirations Academies Trust will agree with the commissioning school what tailored support is required and then identify appropriate staff from across the Trust within our Teaching School Alliance to implement the support. We have several NLEs and SLEs who will be involved in providing the relevant support.

The Aspirations Teaching School Alliance offers the following support:

  1. One day ‘Deep Dive’ investigation + Improvement Report – 3 person team = £1,500
    • This would involve learning walks and triangulation activities including work study, pupil and staff discussions.
  2. Leadership Team School Improvement Training (2 x 2 hours) = £1,000
    • This can be tailored to the needs of the SLT in order to help with the process of school improvement.
  3. Academy Improvement Meetings (2 hours) = £250 each
    • These are meetings with the Principal to help chart the improvements needs to move a school forward each half-term.
  4. Training and/or support to address priorities identified by Ofsted (or by other agencies) to improve the quality of teaching and learning in specific subjects, year groups or with individual teachers. This support will be provided primarily by SLE’s = £500 a day (per SLE)
  5. Developing and implementing school improvement policies = £500 per day
  6. Data analysis support = £500 per day
  7. Developing pedagogy and curriculum = £500 per day
  8. Principal/Headteacher mentoring by an Executive Principal = £500 per day
  9. Providing an Executive Principal to work with the school(s) = cost by agreement
  10. Aspirations Training (4 x 2 hours) = £3,000
    • This provides an outline to the use of the Aspirations Framework as a tool for school improvement. It is designed for the senior and middle leaders.
  11. Aspirations Launch for all staff (1 hour) = £750
    • This is a whole staff session to introduce the concept of the Aspirations Framework
  12. Acting as the sponsor for a converted academy
  13. Additional bespoke school improvement support is also available.

*The Student Voice Surveys, and IKnow My Class surveys are also directly available from QISA.org

Provision Management led by:

Richard Tutt (Principal Magna Academy Poole)

Paula Kenning (Trust Lead Executive Principal)

Steve Kenning (Chief Executive)